New Jersey Golf

Although New Jersey is a geographically small state and not much more than 150 miles from North to South, there are a big variety of golf courses from which golfers can choose.  With nearly 100 public golf courses and more than 50 semi-private golf courses in such a small state, golf is never far.  There are also more than 100 private golf clubs in New Jersey serving areas throughout the state.

One of the oldest courses in the state is Minebrook Golf Club located in Hackettstown.  Originally built as a nine hole course in 1919, nine more holes were added in the 1960’s along with many other improvements.  The course is relatively flat without many bunkers making it very enjoyable for golfers of all ability levels.

Low handicappers looking for more of a challenge may want to try Royce Brook Golf Club in Hillsborough.  The facility features 36 holes including the West Course which offers dramatic and large sand bunkers throughout the course providing golfers with a true challenge.